Incident Reporting

What is an incident Report?

An incident report is used in the investigation and analysis of an event.

Elements to consider when completing incident report:

Incident reports should be clear and specific. Provide details of what you are referring to and avoid any vague statements that may cause confusion. Always proofread your report before submission to see errors that you might have overlooked.

An incident report should be objective and supported by facts. Avoid including emotional, opinionated and biased statements in the incident report. If there’s a need to include statements from witnesses or patients, make sure to quote them.

Ensure that all essential questions (what, where, when, why and how) are covered in the incident report. Anticipate what other significant details will be needed for any future study and investigation.

Include photos, illustrations and diagrams to help support the facts stated. This supplements the facts stated and provides more clarity to be easily understood by the recipient.

Upon completion, those who are involved in the incident should sign off to testify and validate all the information that was mentioned in the incident report.

What to do after completing an Incident Report?

The incident report should be submitted to the BCPF at for further investigation.